[Trigger Warning for RP] @emma-frost-jackslittlesister [Closed RP]

[This RP might be a trigger to some people later on. You have been warned.]

Pizza was always Jack’s favorite thing to have for dinner - it was quick, easy, and always tasty no matter what type you decided to get. Dinner had gone pretty well, his parents asked about his and his sister’s day and they kept up a pretty decent amount of conversation. However, Emma did seem to be a little bit more quiet than usual and Jack figured it had to with school being back in session. School was bound to make any teen depressed; how was endless mounds of homework going to make anyone’s day better?

With full bellies their parents sent up to their rooms, time for bed of course, can’t stay up too late on a school night. Not that kids ever really listened to their parents… We always found a loophole in every single one of their rules and we’d use that to our advantage.

After brushing his teeth and switching into some more comfortable pajamas, Jack slipped down the hall and headed towards Emma’s room to say goodnight. Though he probably should have, Jack didn’t really think to knock before-hand and simply opened the door and began to talk.

"Hey Emma," he said as he entered the room, "Just wanted to say goodnight…?" He trailed off when he noticed Emma wasn’t sitting in a normal position and though whatever she was doing was hidden from him, Jack had a feeling it was something she probably didn’t want him to see.

"Em? You okay?" A frown crossed his face as he stepped farther into the room, hesitantly making his way towards her.

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